The Style of Mukhrani Wines

Like a great creator, and as incomparable and different, Mukhrani composes its masterpieces to which soil, climate and vines give their incomparable style. Young Mukhrani wines are already wonderful for their robust structure and the intensity of rich fruits, yet they continue to evolve constantly. 

Patrick Honnef is looking after the Viticulture and Winemaking processes of Château Mukhrani. With experience in the classified growth area of Bordeaux, our winemaker identifies the grape quality from different climate conditions and selects the most suitable processing methods to grow the highest quality of grapes. 

“Each step of the process has its own strict rules. We check and follow our wine quality from the roots of our vines to the glass of our customers.” 

The Château Mukhrani vintages indicate an ancestral heritage that reflects the combined values of heart and soul. By a strict, selective grape selection and the use of well-tested traditional vinification methods, our wines are patiently elaborated to a final taste profile, revealing their uniqueness. Twelve to eighteen months maturation in oak casks gives our Château Mukhrani wines an extra harmony.

Château Mukhrani varietals celebrate exceptional closeness to Georgian traditions as well as  combining with Worldwide well-known major varietal.