An Exceptional Terroir


Mukhrani (“decorated with oak trees“) is one of the most beautiful Georgian villages, set in one of the most attractive places in the East of Georgia, on the strip of  low-land between the Caucasus and Trialeti mountain ranges in the basin of Ksani and Aragvi rivers, 35 km from Tbilisi. The vineyards of the Château are located on the best selected plots of this exquisite soil. The land with its wavy surface, slopes slightly.

Geologically the parcels of land are made up of layers of alluvial and diluvial loamy strata. With regard to temperature, Mukhrani is characterized by medium to hot summers and by a long active growing period. The total of active temperature yearly is in the range of 3600 ºC, while the average annual temperature is 10,8 ºC. The annual amount of rainfall in Mukhrani is 660 mm of which 430 mm during the period of growth. This harmony of nature, tradition and man gives a strong structure to the Mukhrani wine.