The restaurant “Samepo Marani 1878” (Royal Cellar 1878) was ceremonially opened in “Château Mukhrani”. The old brick-built cellar is a historic monument. Traditions, reflecting that era, have been preserved in the restaurant interior. The date “1878” refers to the filling of the first bottled Mukhrani wine by Ivane Mukhranbatoni.
The restaurant offers its visitors a top-class service and a diverse menu. Along with traditional Georgian dishes, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday its guests will have the opportunity to taste a specially selected “A La Carte” menu, representing a synthesis of the best Georgian and European traditions;
We have restored the royal dishes, which Ivan Mukhranbatoni used to proudly present to his Georgian and foreign guests. These dishes are made using natural products, produced in Mukhrani. We have attached wine recommendation to each of them. We have put all of our creativity into their design. 
Reservations: +995 595 99 13 14/15/16
The restaurant is open on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu - from 10 am to 6 pm 
                                                 Fri, Sat, Sun - from 10 am to 10 pm