Our Winemaker

Patrick Honnef - Winemaker, Viticulturist, CEO Château Mukhrani

„Graduated from Wine Management and Winemaking in Heilbronn, Germany, I spent 11 years in the Bordeaux region and worked as a Technical Director of Chateau d’Aiguilhe for 10 years and was supported by the remarkable wine-consultant Stephane Derenencourt. The powerful Merlot dominated reds of Chateau d’Aiguilhe were regularly noted between 88-92 points, top-scores for a not classified cru of Bordeaux. End of 2013 the challenge to become technical director of Château Mukhrani in the Caucasian Republic of Georgia crossed my way. The huge potential and history of the “Cradle of Wine” is a dream for each passionate about wine.

Today this country is embracing its renaissance of wine culture, combining ancient amphora winemaking (known as Qvevris) and modern international techniques. Be part of this process, rediscover the autochthone grape varieties and reveal their great potential is marvelous.

At Château Mukhrani, we work with hand-picked 102 ha of vineyards, all surrounding the winery, with a low density of plantation, with the objective to grow the best quality grapes, as the base of a great wine. Focussed on rare, forgotten grape varieties and equipped with a beautiful modern winery, we are working to position Château Mukhrani wines in the top range of the Georgian wine culture. Always respecting and learning from the local terroir, we are striving for the finest wines of Georgia. Along this passion for wine, we are working with our team to restore our royal castle and become the leading wine tourism and hospitality estate in the country.“