Harvest 2018
Every day at Château Mukhrani is special in its own way but the days of our Harvest parties are always simply unforgettable!
This year, on the 30th of September, according to our long-term tradition, we welcomed our friends and colleagues from Georgia and abroad for a day of celebration and unity - we harvested and stomped the grapes in our ancient satsnakheli to the sound of traditional Georgian harvest songs, and shared a lovely supra in our the park, decorated ever so beautifully for the occasion with autumn flowers and fruit by Gardenia Shevardnadze.
This year the party started with the wonderful girls from Gori choir greeting the guests with their cheerful songs and the exposition of the stunning jewelry designed by our friends from "Kebzari". Most importantly, we set this day to present to the Georgian National Museum a very special gift - a 3 century BC statuette acquired by Château Mukhrani this year.To commemorate this occasion, the National museum brought to us for the day rare and beautiful exhibits related to the history of wine-making, which were exhibited in the garden by St Ketevan's panel.
Indeed, a simply unforgettable day!