Château Mukhrani wins 2 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals at the 23rd Grand International Wine Award MUNDUS VINI in Germany
Château Mukhrani has just won 4 prestigious Medals the 23rd Grand International Wine Award Mundus Vini - one of the most important wine competitions in the world:
Golden Medals for Réserve Royale 2015, white and Réserve Royale 2013, red
Silver Medals for Saperavi Supérieur 2014 and Rkatsiteli Supérieur 2014.
MUNDUS VINI was founded fifteen years ago in Germany by Meininger Verlag publishing house, the specialist in trade journals for the wine industry. The target of the competition is to promote quality and the marketing of the wines entered. The awards are intended to offer producers, wine-growers, importers and consumers a forum which, firstly, permits a comparison of wines and offers valuable help with decision-making and orientation when buying wine and, secondly, reaches a wide public. The MUNDUS VINI awards are held twice annually. In August 2018 4,311 wines from 38 different wine nations of the world were tasted and evaluated by a highly qualified international jury comprising oenologists, wine-makers, professional wine traders, sommeliers and expert journalists taste the wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines in ‘blind’ tasting rounds. Wines evaluated in accordance with the international 100-point scheme of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV), also recognized by the Union Internationale des Oenologues (UIOE)”.