The St. Ketevan Panel

The St. Ketevan panel represents the exact copy of the Da Graça Convent, located in Lisbon. It is made of the same material and technology as the original and depicts the life and demise of the martyr queen of Georgia: Saint Ketevan (1570-1624). 

The original panel was created by Portuguese artists at the end of the XVII century upon the order of the Catholic church and on the basis of stories, passed on to the authors by the missionary eyewitnesses. It has been discovered and researched at different periods by Georgian scientists and clerics. The copy of the panel was produced and brought to Georgia thanks to the efforts of the ambassador of Georgia in Portugal G.Gorgiladze and the founders of Château Mukhrani F.Paulsen, M. Khazaradze and B. Japaridze.

The St. Ketevan panel depicts the scenes, in Shiraz 1628, where the Augustinian fathers are trying to express spiritual support to Ketevan when she was being tortured for her Christian faith, as well as a scene where saint Ketevan’s body parts are passed to King Teimuraz as a relic. The content of the panel is summarized in the inscriptions,
made in Portuguese: “God, help me in my sufferings” „The honorable Queen of Georgia, Ketevan, the spiritual sister and daughter of the Saint Augustine Orden” „Died in martyrdom in Shiraz, Persia, on September 22 of 1624“.