Brand Awareness Study of Georgian Wines

Last December, the leading Research Company ACT released the results of their last brand awareness survey on Georgian wine companies and wine brands. According to the 618 consumers interviewed over the phone, with the highest index Château Mukhrani keeps its leading position in terms of image parameters and recommendation potential.

Château Mukhrani is reaching overall 8.63 points on a 10-point scale, after their November – December TV campaign.

Furthermore, Château Mukhrani has the most positively perceived image among the other companies with regards to

  • “Produces the best quality wine” – 8.66 out of 10 points
  • « Is Trustworthy « - 8.74 out of 10 points
  • “Has attractive package”  8.76 out of 10 points

We are proud of the results and wish to thank the Georgian consumers for their loyalty and trust.