Bottle of Ivane Mukhranbatoni with the emblem of the Emperor of Russia is back to the ownership of Château Mukhrani

We are happy to announce, that the bottle with age of 130 years, which was bottled by Ivane Mukhranbatoni with special emblem of the Emperor of Russia is back to the ownership of the company Château Mukhrani.

The history of the bottle starts in 1886, when Ivane Mukhranbatoni was given an exclusive right to send the wines to the Emperor of Russia with special, Emperor Emblem. The fact is proven by the Emperor’s note: “For the carefully made Caucasian wines with the best aging”. Bottles were produced in small quantities, approximately 2 or 3 thousands. These bottles were used for the Emperor and International exhibitions.

After several years of search, we finally found the bottle and it was recently returned to Château Mukhrani. Since then, it is a very important exhibit, which takes significant place in Château Mukhrani Castle and its history.

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