Type: Semi Sweet
Vintage: 2014
Volume: 750 ml
Best enjoyed at: 8 - 12°C
Alcohol: 11%%

technical notes

Colour is vivid dark ruby red with an obvious blue hue. Blackberry and dark cherry have generously affected the aromas. The violet aroma, the symbol of recognition for Kindzmarauli. Wine, is splendidly blended with spicy black pepper. A rich but softly harmonic tannin structure, with an exuberant palate with full and velvety middle and an invitingly long finish.

Saperavi is Georgia’s endemic varietal and has all the noble characteristics making it one of the world’s most outstanding red wines. Saperavi is a rich, varietal, fruity wine of bountiful body and great vinosity.

Enjoy with “Blue” and other mature cheeses. It is a surprise with hot dish of grilled pork or chocolate desserts.