Type: Dessert Wine
Volume: 700 ml
Best enjoyed at: 12°C - 14°C or cooler temperatures
Alcohol: 18%

technical notes

This rich  and luscious Muscat dessert wine reveals its deep amber colour with  golden tints. The wine extracts an aroma of dried fruit,  figs, prunes and a deep flavour of chocolate with  rounded,  well balanced spicy notes,  providing a long and smooth  finish on the palate from its maturation in oak barrels. As it ages in the bottle,  it may develop some noble diamond-crystal deposits,  proving its genuine origin and rich  upbringing.

This Muscat Bianco variety is from Italy, planted at our vineyards, giving an unforgettable flavoured dessert wine.

This wine shows itself as unforgettable dessert complement, maybe with fruits or even on its own.