Food Safety and Quality Policy Statement

The management of JSC Chateau Mukhrani has established, implemented and maintains a food safety and quality policy that meets the needs of the organization and its customers and is aimed at continuously improving the efficiency of the integrated management system.

JSC "Chateau Mukhrani" produces alcoholic beverages (wine and chacha) from its own vineyards. Company policies are supported by specific goals and objectives that will be formulated by the management team in the wake of ongoing management meetings and are subject to periodic review.

The policy of our organization is the basis for setting and analyzing the goals in the field of quality and food safety, in order to continuously produce high quality products and ensure compliance with relevant codes, standards, laws and regulations, as well as mutually agreed requirements with consumers.

Food safety and quality policy will be brought to the attention of the employees of the organization and is available to all sides. The management of the company constantly takes care of raising the qualification of the employees through trainings and instructions.

In the event of an ongoing change in the use of the integrated management system or in the organization, senior management will review the policy for its relevance.

To ensure the production and delivery of safe and quality products to our customers, we are committed to implementing an effective quality and food safety management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard and FSSC 22000 v.5 scheme.

We guarantee that:

  • We will have effective communication with internal and external sides. (throughout the food chain)
  • Constantly raise the level of awareness and qualifications of the staff
  • Company employees constantly adhere to the requirements of the HACCP system, as well as sample production and hygiene practices (GAP / GMP / GHP)
  • We control the quality and safety of the manufactured products throughout the production line
  • Satisfy legislative, regulatory and client requirements
  • Constantly strive to increase customer and other stakeholder satisfaction levels
  • Provide protection of produced food and prevention of food falsification
  • Top management is committed to increasing the efficiency and continuous improvement of the integrated management system.