The Finest Wine of Georgia

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We invite you to the wonderful world of Château Mukhrani an essential experience for any wine enthusiast. Our wine tour will guide you to discover the Georgian royal family history and breath-taking legends, a flavor of antiquity and enchanting wines. Lots of visitors are fascinated by Château Mukhrani wine tours and events. Join them; Château Mukhrani is a 25 minute drive from Tbilisi.


Wine Studio

Château Mukhrani invites you to discover the finest wines of Georgia in its high class wine studio in Tbilisi, on Meidan Square.

Ideally situated in the heart of Old Tbilisi District, the Château Mukhrani Wine Studio is the gate for sightseeing this historical place and get to know more about the finest Georgian wines with the advice of professional wine tasters. You can spend time with your friends in our newly built open café. Taste unique selection of Georgian Cheese assortment accompanied with premium wines brought from our vineyards.



09 October 2014

On the 11th October, Château Mukhrani shall celebrate its annual Harvest Party.

19 September 2014

Château Mukhrani has hosted the closing event of Global Network Summit of CELA (Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance).

16 September 2014

Château Mukhrani has hosted the World Wine Trade Group. The WWTG is an informal grouping of government and industry representatives from wine-producing countries.